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It takes money to run Parlour Room Productions and the Random Ass Radio Radio Network. We have big plans for the future of the Network but not big pockets. This, Loyal Listener, is where you come in. Would you like to buy Jon something to drink on the show? Cool, just click the donate button and leave a little message with your contribution. Trust us, he'll drink it. How about sending us a gift? Absolutely! Just shoot us an email. Even better, would you like to contribute directly to the Network's expenses? Here, we'll show exactly what we're spending per year to keep this Network on the air.

As you can see, the biggest expenses are the hosting and security for this site. This all comes directly out of Jon's pocket and, as stated above, that is a very shallow pocket. If you truly enjoy what you are listening to, and want to help out, please consider clicking on the Donate button below. All donations, unless otherwise specified by the donor, will go toward the upkeep and maintenance of the show. Bigger is always better, but, please bear in mind that every little bit helps even if it's only a dollar.