So, you've listened to us a couple of times and now you're thinking, "Hell, I can do that."

Can you?

Random Ass Radio is willing to give you a chance to put your money where your mouth is and co-host an episode of Random Ass Radio. If it works out, and you're willing afterward, we'll add you our rotating cast of co-hosts. Immortality is within your grasp.

Contact Jon via email here.

Co-Host Criteria Random Ass Rules

A Sound Check is Mandatory
You will have to set up a time to Be A Star us via Skype so we can hear what you sound like on our system. The content of the show can be absolutely ridiculous at times but the audio quality is professional and pristine. Our top priority it to maintain this quality. If your call in audio is shitty we will try and work with you to fix it but if we can’t, you can't co-host the show.
You Need Thick Skin and a Sense of Humor
It is critical that you are not easily offended. I have been known to consume alcohol and speak inappropriately when recording. All I can promise is that I will never personally attack anyone that agrees to co-host. You might take a little ribbing but I fully expect that to be returned in kind. As long as we are on the air, it is all a joke.
You Have to Give Us an Hour
We ask that you stay at least 60 minutes. I know it sounds like a lot but most folks stick around a lot longer.
You Must Contribute
The content of the episode you are on is just as much yours as it is ours. This means we want your input that week for what we should discus, what kind of bits you might like to try, and just about anything else you would like to add. This is what helps keep things random.
No Petty Agendas
If want to co-host just so you can complain about that bitch Debbie that you work with, it's not going to happen. Nobody but you and three other people know who Debbie is and none of us give a fuck. This also means that you can't be racist just to be racist.