It takes money to run a weekly, multi-faceted podcast and maintain a smoothly functioning website. We have big, big plans for the show but not big, big pockets. This, valued listener, is where you come in! Wanna buy us something to drink on the show? We'll do it! How about sending us a gift? Sure! Just shoot us an email. Even better, would you like to contribute directly to the show's expenses? Here, we'll break it down for you.

Our biggest expense is this website. Jon didn't have the ridiculous amount of money required to pay someone to build it for him nor did he want to go with some "what you see is what you get" piece of garbage. Instead Jon taught himself web design and built this site from the ground up using the popular Bootstrap framework. This all means that our site, and our listeners, don't deserve some cut-rate, cheap ass hosting. What does that work out to yearly? We're so glad you asked! Let us show you.

The Domains:
.com/.net/.org/.info - $14.99/year
The Hosting:
unlimited hosting with site backup - $95.88/year
The Security:
SSL and site protection - $87.88/year

If you really love the show, and want to do something exceptional to take it to the next level, here are a few items that would help. WARNING: A simple click down here can transport you straight to the part where you become a fucking hero!

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