It takes money to run a streaming, multi-faceted podcast/radio station and maintain a smoothly functioning website. We have big, big plans for the show but not big, big pockets. This, Loyal Listener, is where you come in! Wanna buy us something to drink on the show? We'll do it! How about sending us a gift? Sure! Just shoot us an email. Even better, would you like to contribute directly to the show's expenses? Here, we'll break it down for you.

Our biggest expenses are the hosting for this site and the live streaming service. This all comes directly out of Jon's pocket and, as stated above, that is a very shallow pocket. If you truly enjoy what you are listening to, and want to help out, please consider clicking on the Donate button below. All donations, unless otherwise specified by the donor, will go toward the upkeep and maintenance of the show. What does that work out to yearly? We're so glad you asked! Let us show you, but, please bear in mind that every little bit helps even if it's only a dollar.

The Domains:
.com/.net/.org/.info - $14.99/year
The Hosting:
unlimited hosting with site backup - $95.88/year
The Security:
SSL and site protection - $87.88/year
The 24/7 Stream:
Live internet radio streaming service - $239.40/year

If you have shallow pockets like us there are some things you can do for free to help the show that are just as valuable as cash. What are they? Well, give us a fucking minute and we'll tell you. Jesus Christ.

Internet Exposure is every bit as important as hard currency to a show like this. Listen to us on iTunes? Take a moment to subscribe and give us a 5 star review. Listen on Google Play? Do the same thing. In fact, wherever you listen to/download the various Random Ass Radio Radio Network shows, take the time to follow them and give them a positive review. This truly is invaluable to us and, again, totally free.

If you really love the show, and want to do something exceptional to take it to the next level, here are a few items that would help. WARNING: A simple click down here can transport you straight to the part where you become a fucking hero!

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