Request An Album

Random Ass Music is an incredibly popular show here on the Random Ass Radio Radio network. Why? We think this site's home page does an excellent job explaining the answer to that question. In essence, Random Ass Music is simple. Loyal listeners like you request an album and Jon plays it first track to final track in the order the artist intended it. The thing is, he doesn't really talk about the music. Instead, between tracks, he makes it your day, worships the ancient Sumerian goddess Ninkasi, and spits the cleverest segues ever.

The Random Ass Radio Radio Network has now made it easier than ever to make your album request. Just click the "Make The Request" button below and the mail form will magically appear right before your eyes. Fill out the three field, press "send", and you're done. We will send you an email confirming that we have received your request and the date it will be played. The best part is that after that is done we promise to never contact you again. You see, we don't want to send you a stupid ass newsletter or spam. We just want your request. Once we get what we came for, we're out the door baby. It's what a lot of folks like to call a win/win.